Single Implants

What is a single implant?

If you are missing a single tooth, a single implant can replace it. A dental implant replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root. A dental implant replaces a single tooth without sacrificing the well-bring of neighbouring teeth. Dental implants merge with your jawbone, helping to keep the bone healthy and intact.

What to expect

First, the implant screw is placed into your jaw. Over the next few months, the implant and the bone are able to bond together to form an anchor for the artificial tooth. During this time, a temporary tooth replacement can be worn over the implant area. The second part of the process is to uncover the implant and attach the extension. Your gums will then heal for a couple of weeks following the procedure. The last step in the process is when the replacement tooth is created and attached to a small metal post called an abutment.


It typically takes 5-7 days for all of the symptoms experienced after dental implant procedure to subside, but can vary depending on different factors.

  • Try not to disturb the surgical area
  • Gently brush your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush
  • After 24 hours, rinse your mouth with warm salt water, 2-3 times a day
  • Get lots of rest
  • Apply ice as needed
  • Eat soft foods


Brush your teeth twice a day, everyday

Don’t smoke!

Floss daily

Schedule regular checkups and cleanings

Eat a well-balanced diet