Implants with Temporary Crowns

What is a temporary crown?

A temporary crown is a short-term plastic restoration that is connected to your implant by either a small fastening screw or with cement. The temporary crown remains in place until the implant is fully healed and the final porcelain crown can be made. Temporary crowns are provided to protect your implant post, prevent shifting of your remaining teeth and to preserve and shape your gum tissue properly. While they may have the look and feel of a natural tooth, they are still only made from plastic and therefore not strong enough to withstand normal biting and chewing forces. You are therefore encouraged to avoid biting directly onto a temporary crown.

What to expect

The procedure can be performed under typical dental freezing or asleep for your comfort so you are at ease and do not experience any discomfort. When receiving a temporary crown on an implant, a mould is taken of your tooth prior to extraction or from a digital reconstruction of what you’d like your new tooth to look like. A shade guide is used to help lab technicians make crowns that will match the rest of the teeth. Learn more about implant supported temporary crowns by contacting Lenga Perio for your consultation.


Some people may experience some pain or discomfort in the affected area of the mouth following the procedure and should see relief within 1-2 weeks. Ibuprofen can be used to help reduce associated pain.


Avoid hard, sticky or chewy food

Attempt to chew foods on the opposite side of the mouth while the temporary crown is in place

Avoid flossing next to the temporary crown