Tooth Exposure

What is exposure?

Exposure is when assistance is used to uncover teeth that haven’t come into your bite naturally. Each case is unique and will be evaluated on an individual basis, but you can expect to have a consultation and x-rays to determine where the tooth lies under the gums. Often, a 3D image will be taken to help guide the doctor to uncovering the tooth in the most conservative way possible.

What to expect

The procedure can be performed under typical dental freezing or asleep for your comfort so you are at ease and do not experience any discomfort. During the procedure, the overlying gum tissue is either removed or repositioned to exposed the hidden enamel of your tooth. The area may or may not require sutures and you will be instructed on good home care to keep the site clean. Learn more about tooth exposures by contacting Lenga Perio for your consultation.


Some soreness may be experienced after the procedure and can be managed by taking an anti-inflammatory medication or mild pain reliever, accompanied with an ice pack. You should maintain a diet of soft, cool foods and keep physical activity light during the first few days of your recovery.


Brush your teeth twice a day, everyday

Don’t smoke!

Floss daily

Schedule regular checkups and cleanings

Eat a well-balanced diet