Bone Graft

What is a bone graft?

When teeth are lost, the bone that used to surround the teeth typically begins to shrink as it heals. Also, if periodontal disease is present in the mouth, the bone that supports our teeth may be lost due to persistent infection and inflammation. With modern bone grafting techniques, bone that was lost can be built-up again. Bone grafting is a minor medical procedure that can be done within the dental office setting. There are various sources of material and techniques that can be chosen in order to stimulate new bone growth in areas that need it. Bone can even be regenerated around the teeth to restore their support and function. Ask any one of our team members about your options.

What to expect

The procedure can be performed under typical dental freezing or asleep for your comfort so you are at ease and do not experience any discomfort.  The site will typically require sutures (“stitches”) so that the bone graft material is completely covered and given ample opportunity to stimulate bone growth.  The sutures may be dissolvable and you will be instructed on good home care to keep the site clean. Learn more about bone grafting by contacting Lenga Perio for your consultation.


Some soreness may be experienced after the procedure and can be managed by taking an anti-inflammatory medication or mild pain reliever, accompanied with an ice pack. You should maintain a diet of soft, cool foods and keep physical activity light  during the first few days of your recovery.   


Brush your teeth twice a day, everyday

Don’t smoke!

Floss daily

Schedule regular checkups and cleanings

Eat a well-balanced diet